Tuesday, July 5, 2011

all the space we need

well, there they are, our new 21.5" Skyway Proline roller bags. along with a couple of day packs these will be the containers of our lives for the next many months. there are a ton of details to take care of when quitting one's job, vacating a home, buying tickets, arranging accommodations... hell, just choosing where to go (after visiting family and friends on both coasts for a couple of weeks, our first stop will be berlin), but the one thing that will keep you up at night? luggage.

everyone thinks backpack and, believe me, there are a lot of strong opinions out there about being a "real" traveler only if you have a backpack. seriously? well, we're in our forties, and considering michelle's size (4'11") visions of Max the Dog from the Grinch came to mind when i imagined putting a backpack on her. we did the REI thing and tried on packs, pored over 'round the world' travel blogs (of which there are a TON) and realized, since our first couple of months will be europe, and we know how to "do" europe, we're going with what we know. could be that maybe in a few months we'll regret this, as the southeast asia portion of our travels starts to approach, but right now we got us a couple of Skyway Prolines. and those there are packed already, too. Not bad.

all the space we need, right? right?


  1. All the space you could ever need... I'm seriously thinking of retiring my pack soon... Which pains my soul, but will save my back.

    You know the pack rule right? Pack... Take half out... Take half out again... Take half out again... Then add a book! Can't wait to follow your adventures!!

  2. completed the pack rule twice so far! tough not to take every t-shirt i own. we went to dinner with friends last night and i tried out some travel undies, socks and dress shirt. no one knew the difference :)