Friday, July 15, 2011

from vacation wonderland to leisure town

wow, it's hard to top a week with great friends in a house on a river. seven days of lazing about, talking, kayaking and, truth be told, some good old drinking. today we said goodbye to mike, will and jesse and continued on to jayne and tim's house in sacramento for the next few days.

we'll be taking care of some last minute shopping needs to prepare for flying out of town on monday. one week "on the road" has made clear our need for larger day packs... i think one of the packs we left with is ten years old now and will barely survive another flight. best to take care of that kind of thing right now. hello REI.

over the last couple of days we saw the pacific ocean at low tide and explored the tide pools that were full of starfish, anemones and hermit crabs like this one with whom jesse made friends.

we made some great dinners, enjoyed the slow summer transition from day to night from the fine deck overlooking the river, played 'catchphrase' until 2:00am, played guitars, played ukulele, traded stories but, sadly, it all came to an end in monte rio, ca "vacation wonderland" here at the holey cow diner. thanks guys!

now we find ourselves heading further down...


  1. ah Vacaville (aka - get out of town)

  2. However, on Orange Drive off of Leisure Town Road, if I am not mistaken, is one of the best cheesesteaks west of Philly. Erick's Deli. Not a totally authentic cheesesteak, but extremely fresh and yummy. So there you are.

  3. Oh, I love Monte Rio! What a sweet, sleepy little town. Adam and I once spent a very happy and relaxing weekend at a little bed and breakfast there and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves swimming and paddling around in the river.