Tuesday, July 12, 2011

one more thing off the list (so long jetta)

our list of things to do just got one line shorter.

our good friends bryan and krista were kind enough to offer up a little bit of land in front of their home so we can store our vw jetta. that's it in the background. arranging for the storage of our cars has been quite a lesson in itself. ask ten people how you should prepare your car for storage and you'll get ten different opinions. i ended up taking an average of the most reasonable suggestions and combined them with the fact that a trusted friend will be keeping an eye on the car. with the car parked under a stand of redwood trees subjected to wind and rain, what could go wrong? :)

thanks bryan and krista!

as for the travel plans coming together, we just reserved a rental car so we can drive from berlin to vienna over three days in early august. every single person i've mentioned this to has said "the autobahn sounds fun but, believe me, it's SCARY!" i reserved a two-door vw polo with a 0-60 mph time somewhere in the low three minutes. again, what could go wrong?

has anyone ever done that drive before? we'll take suggestions for routes or "must sees" along the way. we'll have three nights on the road.

we have a few more days left up on the russian river and so far our days have been filled with scenes like these... check our jesse jamming on the ukulele.

will floats along while jesse illustrates the sheer depth of the rushing river.

so yeah, we're heading out to see the world and starting with days like these confirms the fact that we have great friends, a great life and a great privilege ahead of us. what could go wrong?

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  1. What could go wrong indeed? Heh. Have I mentioned lately how massively envious I am of you? And how much we will miss your asses? You have to communicate electronically like little FIENDS. And I will get my Skype going.