Monday, January 2, 2012

it's gotta be a sign

helpful information from all over the world...

we love this sign so much. istanbul, turkey.

just my head? bangkok, thailand.
now you know. mostar, bosnia

ok, i won't. bangkok, thailand.

try to control your face. just try. budapest, hungary.

no words necessary. bangkok, thailand.

koh something, thailand.

took us a few minutes. chiang mai, thailand.

and it's free. chiang mai, thailand.

fantastic network of hiking trails, naila, germany

scrubbing for female! spanking for males? sultanahmet, turkey.

and wash cloths for groins! blagaj, bosnia

outside a temple, no less. bangkok, thailand.

and this one, solely because we love the message. mostar, bosnia.


  1. brilliant! I could use a massage of foam right around now, then some free relaxtion! Looks like you guys are having a blast...

  2. "Do Not Trust Wily Strangers." That is sage advice indeed. Keep 'em coming, Rusty.