Sunday, April 22, 2012

los barrios of buenos aires, some random shots

again, i take the map, the wife takes the camera, we cruise the neighborhoods and this happens...

turns out, some of the best alfajores in town are right around the corner! palermo, buenos aires, argentina.

ford falcon wagon, these things are everywhere in buenos aires. they produced them here for years (thanks chris!).

apparently, people in buenos aires enjoy owning dogs, they just don't want to have to walk them themselves. dog walking is big business here.

you know, just chillin' in san telmo on a saturday. buenos aires, argentina.

colors of the barrio, avenida 9 de julio, el centro, buenos aires, argentina.

"because we are the true revolution." graffiti artists? el barrio san telmo,  buenos aires, argentina.

freaking hell, these people love their peppers! in any form. buenos aires, argentina.

sweet mother of god, the bestest plate of sausage we've had in ages. blood sausage, chorizo and sweetbreads. la dorita, en el barrio palermo, buenos aires, argentina.

ok, this is a tough one. hard to figure out but it's a reference to the dirty war of the late 70s, early 80s when so many people disappeared. a note of solidarity from "juventud cth," a youth group. buenos aires, argentina.

the most wonderful place in all the world. an amusement park of meat. buenos aires, argentina.

el barrio san telmo, a popular favorite among travelers, particularly on sundays when it's one big street fair. buenos aires, argentina.

el hombre de flores! well, it is mid-afternoon. we all get the "sleepies" about that time. buenos aires, argentina.

check out the star trek hands on this synagogue. can someone help us with  why that is?  buenos aires, argentina.
and then there's this... we just like it because it's so freaking weird. el subte linea d, buenos aires, argentina.


  1. Oh gosh - I need to go back to BA - I love that city! The sites, the sounds, the meat!
    Um, yeah the last pic of the man boobs was interesting. That IS a man, isn't it?!

  2. Hm... Do you still remember what the monk in Chiang Mai said about not eating any living creature? Try now to tell him about those sausages! Ha! ¿Buenos Aires? That was a big leap! Still following you from London (Spring here, raining as usual!). Disfrutad... or as they say over there... disfrĂștenlo!

  3. Carmen! How are you?

    "Spring in London" just sounds poetic, rain or no rain. You should feel autumn in Buenos Aires, it's getting cold! We're soon heading north, back toward the tropics.

    Yeah, Mr. Monk may not approve of some of our dietary choices here, but there's no other option. And you need to help us with our Spanish! Come escort us through South America.

    Greta to hear from you.

    Russ (and Michelle, of course)

  4. Holly - don't know if that's a man or a real mean, ugly woman. Scary either way...

  5. These are the so called "blessing hands", an ancient Jewish symbol that was taken as a greeting in Star Tracks :-)