Wednesday, July 20, 2011

poor ol' big dogs

well, it's not berlin or vienna or budapest or athens or istanbul (yet), but after 28 hours of travel, we made it to jesup, ga. actually, several more miles past jesup, which is itself out in the middle of nowhere, and as wonderful a place to be as any of them other places i mentioned.

we woke up monday morning at 6:00am in sacramento, ca (thanks jayne and tim!), drove jayne to work in berkeley, thereby taking advantage of the carpool lane pretty much all the way, made it to an appointment at stanford by 10:00am, had some coffee in palo alto, exchanged a backpack in san carlos, picked up mail in burlingame (thanks magda!), had lunch downtown where a good friend of ours gave us a very long list of things to consider in thailand, found some free wifi, stored the car and took a cab to the airport where we sat for five hours. whew, what a day. THEN we got on a red-eye flight (see previous ambien fueled post) to georgia.

now we're sitting comfortably in mom's den (like some poor ol' big dogs) on the farm with corn growing on one side and soybeans (pictured) in the bigger field on the other side.

peanuts have been boiled, peas have been cooked, and 'nilla wafer pudding has been eaten.

coffee on the front porch this morning in 80 degree heat was the perfect way to start the day. rush hour usually brings a couple of cars per hour down here.

next stop: new york!


  1. How long you gonna be in New York?

  2. loves me some boiled peanuts.