Tuesday, July 19, 2011

nothing says good morning like a fruit cup!

Through a deep ambien haze we wobble through Concourse A, we find the terminal train to Concourse C that takes us to what may be the finest fruit cup $5.08 can buy. Honeydew melon, meet our ambien haze.

Hello Atlanta!

Now it's time to find a horizontal position and sack out for a bit before our turbo prop flight to Brunswick, where breakfast at Cracker Barrel awaits us with mom, Tommy, Linda, Pam and Colby. Hope we don't drool.


  1. It is said that those who are late do not get fruit cup.

  2. that's right! and oddly, this was delta and we were still on time.

  3. Mmm, Cracker Barrel = much more interesting than ridiculously overpriced fruit cup. One of these days I need to book a flight into the Brunswick airport. Michelle, is that the same one Daddy used to fly us out of?

  4. hey, grace, i thought i'd already answered you but it looks like not . . . i don't remember where daddy took flying lessons, but i don't think it was there because the airport used to be glynco. it's a great place to fly into, though - the luggage conveyor is so tiny it looks like a model, but they have free unlimited wifi (which is better than sfo can manage)!