Friday, August 19, 2011

tickets and tradition and hello budapest

that there is a small portion of what one accumulates during travel. ticket stubs. and a coaster. and some matches. stubs as reminders of everything that's filled one's days. museums, movies, cruise down the danube, swimming in the danube, beer gardens, rock concerts, classical concerts, silly-ass misrepresented collections of brueghel and reubens (don't ask), train tickets, metro tickets and... at the bottom, the new tickets for tomorrow. two round trip rail jet tickets from vienna to budapest. BUDAPEST!

we decided to head east a little further and finally, finally visit budapest. turns out, the day we chose is also hungary's independence celebration and boy, do these people celebrate. michelle's beside herself at the idea of seeing the "holy right procession," which is when they stroll around saint stephen square with the 1000 year old, mummified hand of saint stephen. we're not making that up.

got a cool little b&b for $50 a night up on castle hill overlooking the danube. can't get away from that river! anyone and everyone that's been to budapest, PLEASE tell us your favorite things to do. so, yeah, we'll report back.

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  1. Yay, a new new country! I'm extra excited now. Are you going to be shipping your piles of detritus home for future reminiscing (and showing to your friends?) I still have my taxi receipts from Bruges... had some mad idea bout a scrapbook. Ha.