Monday, August 22, 2011

anniversary day

19 years ago today michelle and i moved in together, now here we are in budapest. it's an unbelievably good feeling. "honey, what would you like to do today?" "i'd like to float in some warm, thermal spring-fed pool nestled at the foot of a neo-baroque building." "well, then, that you shall do."

budapest has not disappointed one bit. first day included celebrations for the hungarian national holiday and within nine hours we saw an air show over the danube, witnessed the procession of the thousand year old, mummified hand of saint stephen (so they say), ate lamb knuckle with goulasch soup and watched fireworks over the river with millions of budapesters. EVERYONE was out and we were in the thick of it.

yesterday was, perhaps, one of the most charming experiences we've been lucky enough to have, a two and half hour soak in the wonderfully charming, ottoman era "rudas baths." sure, here's a photo but it barely conveys the mystique. after weeks of walking around old european cities, this was quite welcomed. in spite of the grumpy cashier.

today, great market hall, a float up the danube and a visit to szechenyi baths up in city park. then hungarian food and cheap beer and wine. what a great way to spend an anniversary.

hi everyone! thanks for being our family and friends.


  1. Gratulálok az évforduló alkalmából!

    (According to Google translate that means happy anniversary in hungarian. I'm not in any way qualified to challenge that, so I hope it's right.)

    Please enjoy.

  2. Yeah, what Chris said. And did you have langos at the market, as directed by General Sherman?

  3. thank you! nicely done, brother.

    and jayne, yes, yes we did go get langos as directed. we've also had them at two other places before that but the market hall version? *kiss* freaking fantastic.

  4. That looks better than a Calgon take me away moment. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Sounds like you picked some great gifts for each other. do me a favor and send me some good Hungarian red wines I need to try.

  6. Happy days! Hoping you don't have too much pepper on your paprikash.

  7. Happy Happy Anniversary! and may there be many more happy baths, ottoman or otherwise, in your future!

    Anne, unsure about langos but otherwise enthralled