Wednesday, June 1, 2011

fill in the blanks

northern hemisphere centric? yeah, a little. but that only provides motivation. the "thumb tacks" on the map represent where we've been. clearly, we love the coasts, the hawaiian islands and europe. our india trip looks funny just hanging out there on its own but we'll work to correct that over time.

it's hard to look at this map and not immediately head over to here and get to work. believe me, and i know what i'm talking about when i say this, you can lose many an hour on that site. go ahead, click. i dare ya.


  1. Didn't you guys both go to Israel also? Or was that just you, Michelle?

  2. tim, you're right. we've been to israel a couple of times. this was kind of a test to create a map of destinations. i'm on the hunt for a an interactive, or dynamically updating map to use while on the road. i would love to have something that sits on our homepage and where i can just click, or enter, a new town or city and a thumb tack is added to the map. on the lookout.